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Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is a beautiful city that has very well preserved colonial architecture, dating from the 19th century; which together with its beautiful landscapes set in beautiful vineyards, make it a must-see destination in the country.

Among its tourist attractions and very close to our facilities, the Colchagua Museum stands out, which preserves the Chilean cultural heritage, with a very varied sample of historical objects.

Adjacent is the Enjoy Colchagua Casino, which permanently has a billboard of various artists of national popularity and is located steps from the hostel.

Also nearby and in the Plaza de Armas is the popular Carillon Clock, and is used as an interactive tourist information center. To the side is the particular Church of Santa Cruz, which was completely rebuilt after the earthquake of February 27, 2010.

In Santa Cruz you can also carry out outdoor activities, such as a spectacular hot air baloon ride, bicycle routes and country rides.

Good gastronomy is also one of the important attractions within the area with excellent quality restaurants, such as the Vino Bello, Fuegos de Apalta, Rayuela, Casa Colchagua and Bistró restaurants, among others.

Finally, and to the delight of our clients, beautiful visits can be made to various vineyards such as Viña Montes, Viu Manent, Clos de Apalta, Viña Santa Cruz and Viña Maquis, among others.

In March the "Colchagua Harvest Festival" is held, which attracts thousands of tourists to the area.


Various activities are carried out such as wine tastings in the Plaza de Armas, the election of the Queen, folkloric shows and various exhibitions. The tourist demand on these dates suggests that you book early to ensure your attendance at such a magnificent event.

Endless activities and views to enjoy the Colchagua Valley ... "The natural thing is to come."

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